Clothing & Merchandise

The Club has for sale the following clothing / merchandise for members:

Gents White Tops £22.00
Gents Coloured Tops £25.00
Ladies White Tops £22.00
Ladies Coloured Tops £25.00
Coloured Jackets £40.00
White Peak Hats / Caps £13.00
White Visors £10.00
Blazer Badges £10.00
Small Metal Pin Badges £2.00
Gents Ties £10.00
Ladies Scarves £10.00

A key for the front door can also be purchased from Alan Oswald for £2.00

If you are interested in purchasing any of the items please contact:

Alan Oswald - Badges, ties and scarves

Cecil Fraser - Gents white tops, caps & visors

Adrienne Fraser - Ladies white tops, caps & visors

Cameron Millar - Colured tops and jackets